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2021 Sri Lanka’s tea production falls short of targets


The December production of Ceylon Tea recorded an all-time low of 20.4 million kg, Sri Lanka Tea Board data states.

The Asia Siyaka report on tea production stated that the December 2021 quantity iwas down by a massive 28 per cent compared to 28.6 million kg in 2020.

“One has to go back to 2008 to find a lower quantity, when once again a manmade disaster- the global banking crisis triggered a collapse in the market and producers stopped plucking their fields,” the report stated.

November crop was also down by 20 per cent compared to the previous year, it was noted.

The total annual output of 299.3 million kg for 2021 is well short of the potential 310 million kg that could have been achieved as growing conditions were superior to the previous year, the report stated.

The amount achieved however was possible due to all three elevations recording significant gains on the previous year due to superior growing conditions during the first half of 2021.


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