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Leaving of a Beacon of Light …….


Queen moon, who lit starry fays through gloom and lofty skies
Mistress of the perilous seas who led her pirates nice
When service speaks the fame of you and tears tell no lies
Bidding farewell in our words will not make justfuI price
Making us to always be the diamonds in the rough,
Your path had no beds of rose and cozy ways of fluff
Heaping all good hopes on us though journeys may be tough;
Simple two words of ‘thank you’ would not be just enough.

Facing sticks and stones the same like hymns of grace and pride
Being the iron wall around us in every greyer tide,
You taught us how to be the same when fortunes do collide
Amidst our sorrows and all smiles you were our light and guide.

We wish you luck in blissful hearts for every task you do
Will miss your sight and kindling eyes with heavy hearts of woe,
In days unknown which future holds we will be there for you.

Farewell till then, dear madam, and gracefully thank you.

Amasha Induwari Fernando
Senior Prefects ’Guild. 2010/2020
Visakha Vidyalaya , Colombo 05.

[Regarding the retirement of our dear madam principal Mrs. Sandamali Aviruppola]

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