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LIVE BLOG: Budget 2022

  • 04:37 pm

Fixed phones and satellite licences issued to companies will be  auctioned under 5G service.

  • 04:36 pm

Vehicle taxes will be increased.

  • 04:36 pm

Drivers/vehicle owners to imposed a tax for accidents and this money would be recovered from the insurance company.

  • 04:34 pm

SL bonds fiasco 2015-2016 March  examination was handled by the Chitrasiri commission.
Perpertual Treasuries has got Rs..8.5 billion through price sensitive and insider trading. That money wlll be transferred to the Treasury.

  • 04:29 pm

All vehicles in customs to be released after paying necessary taxes and demurrage.

  • 04:26 pm

Cigarettes up by Rs 5 per stick

  • 04:26 pm

Individuals and corporates with Rs2000 million revenue subject to an addtiional (surchage) tax of 25 percent as one-time tax imposition.

  • 04:20 pm

Compensation for disappeared persons Rs 300 million 

  • 04:19 pm

Relief for poltical victimisation of persons allocated Rs 100 million

  • 04:19 pm

Pensions anomalies to be addressed - allocation Rs. 500 million.

  • 04:17 pm

Graduates to be provided permanent jons from Jan 2021

  • 04:17 pm

Providing motor cycles for state field officers will be re-started with an allocation of Rs 500 million

  • 04:16 pm

Teacher salaries additional Rs. 30,000 million will be allocated.

  • 04:13 pm

Digitisation of court proceedings - Rs 5000 million

  • 04:12 pm

Rs 2000 million for public transport sector

  • 04:11 pm

Small irirgation facilities improvements Rs 2000 million

  • 04:11 pm

Improving sports facilities - Rs 3,000 million

  • 04:11 pm

Health and indigenous medicine improvements - Rs 5000 million

  • 04:10 pm

Rural national schools development programme - Rs 5300 million

  • 04:10 pm

Wildlife protection allocation of Rs 1000 million

  • 04:09 pm

environmental conservation - additional allocation Rs 2000 million

  • 03:39 pm

Private bus owners affected by the pandemic to be provided relief, allocation Rs.1500 million

  • 03:38 pm

3-wheel drivers who didn't have any income during the pandemic will be give relief with Rs.700 million allocated for this.

  • 03:36 pm

COVID-19 affected SMEs development allocated Rs. 5000 million.

  • 03:35 pm

Rs. 3 million each for all GS divisions, Rs. 4 million each for DS areas.

  • 03:34 pm

Large sum allocated for 'dialogue with the village' programme.

  • 03:32 pm

MPs to be given Rs 5 million for development of their areas.

  • 03:31 pm

Housing and urban development allocated Rs. 2000 million while for estate housing Rs.500 million allocated.

  • 03:30 pm

Rural road development already allocated Rs. 260,000 million. Additional Rs 20,000 will be provided.

  • 03:28 pm

Infrastructure development next year in five areas in water and sanitation sectors. 

  • 03:27 pm

SMEs through iindustrieal zones in rural areas to be established. Rs 5000 million allocated.

  • 03:25 pm

To develop an export oriented sector, private and govt sectors to be given targets namely - organic fertiliser, rubber, textiles, sports goods, etc. Rs 5000 million allocation

  • 03:24 pm

73 villages to be developed for local, home based industries

  • 03:23 pm

Ports and anchorage spots in the country to be developed. Rs. 1000 million allocation.

  • 03:22 pm

Handloom industry development allocation of Rs, 1000 million

  • 03:21 pm

Additional allocation of Rs. 1000 million for dairy iindustry.

  • 03:18 pm

Additional allocation of Rs. 10,000 million for plantation sector.

  • 03:17 pm

Allocation of Rs 35,000 million to provide organic fertliser to farmers for the 2021 Maha season.

  • 03:15 pm

Rs. 4000 million allocation for weed control to reduce 'wasa wisa'

  • 03:11 pm

Green bond financing to be introduced.

  • 03:10 pm

130,000 youths to be sent for overseas jobs while already 30,000 have been sent

  • 03:08 pm

PPPs on untilised land belonging to the Railway Dept to be invited. 

  • 03:08 pm

Assistance for agro entrepreneurs. 

  • 03:07 pm

Plantations to be maximised for productivity- new regulations to be introduced in this respect.

  • 03:06 pm

Promote private sector investments in electronics.

  • 03:05 pm

Wellness tourism to be promoted. Promotion of destination tourism encouraged.

  • 03:05 pm

Assistance for organic farming techniques awareness.

  • 03:04 pm

Electrical and electronic appliances manfacturing industry will be promoted by attracting local and foreign investments

  • 03:04 pm

Rubber based production to be encouraged .

  • 03:01 pm

Sri Lanka to be made a hub for gem and jewellery purchases.

  • 03:00 pm

Phamaceutical production would be promoted.

Factories producing raw materials for garments to be set up in special zones 

  • 02:57 pm

Assistance for farmers engaged in exports.

  • 02:57 pm

The Finance Act to be amended to allow for the revenue licences and other revenues in one facility.

  • 02:54 pm

Senior citizens protective cover by way of pensions - Rs. 100 billion allocation

  • 02:53 pm

700,000 3-wheelers to have a monitoring authority

  • 02:52 pm

Radio and TV frequencies to be auctioned in future.

  • 02:51 pm

Mobile phones and Internet connectivity to be established in 10155 schools through fibre optic broad band

  • 02:50 pm

Consolidated large tax payers unit to be established to tax the large 20% segment of tax payers.

  • 02:48 pm

Sri Lanka Customs to be upgraded to offer single window services

  • 02:48 pm

Life and non-life insurance sectors at Sri Lanka Insurance to be amalgamated.

  • 02:47 pm

Intergrated result based management system to assess the progress that Sri Lanka has made.

  • 02:46 pm

Samurdhi banks would be transformed to a one-stop shop facility

  • 02:45 pm

Samurdhi to be developed to a rural development movement.

  • 02:44 pm

Government officers retirement age extended to 65 years.

  • 02:43 pm

Construction of government buildings to be halted for two years.

  • 02:42 pm

Solar power will be promoted and encouraged to reduce dependence on hydro and fossil fuel power..

  • 02:41 pm

The allocation for payment of telephone bills iin state offices will be reduced by 10 percent

  • 02:40 pm

Fuel allowances to public officials would reduce by 5 litres.


  • 02:39 pm

Unutlised assets will be channelled to productive use.

  • 02:38 pm

Annual allocations to ministries would be presented in parliament on a quarterly basis.

  • 02:34 pm

The government has provided to 300 state owned enterprise government Rs. 67 billion.

  • 02:32 pm

More attention would be paid to food security.

  • 02:31 pm

More attention would be focussed on import substitution to enhance local industries and their production.

  • 02:29 pm

We want to maximise the export sector and increase foreign exchange earnings.

  • 02:24 pm

Sri Lanka has lost a lot a lot of foreign revenue due to the sharp drop in tourist arrivals 

  • 02:21 pm

We are concentrating on a production-oriented economy as against services.

  • 02:19 pm

There are some foreign agencies which are trying to disrupt Sri Lanka's development activities and progress of the government.

  • 02:19 pm

There are some foreign agencies which are trying to disrupt Sri Lanka's development activities and progress of the government.

  • 02:09 pm

Sri Lanka has been facing many challenges due to the pandenic and the Treasury has suffered a Rs.500 billion shortage in revenue.

  • 02:04 pm

Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa presents his maiden budget speech for 2022 in Parliament.

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