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AG Requests to dismiss the case against Russian Aeroflot flight


The Airport and Aviation Services Ltd. today filed a motion before Colombo Commercial High Court through the Attorney General's (AG) Department requesting the case against the Russian Aeroflot flight to be dismissed. The Russian Aeroflot flight has departed the court's territorial jurisdiction, hence Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Sumathi Dharmawardena PC, speaking on behalf of Airport and Aviation Services Ltd, requested that the court reject the plaint. In accordance with Section 56 of the Civil Procedure Code, he requested that the matter be dismissed. Since Aeroflot flights to Sri Lanka have ceased operations, Dr. Lasantha Hettiarachchi, speaking on behalf of Russian Airlines, requested that the subject be taken up for investigation as soon as possible. Judge Harsha Sethunge of the Colombo Commercial High Court set the matter for further inquiry on July 5 after considering the circumstances. After considering evidence provided by parties, including the AG to the effect that the Enjoining Order had been obtained by deceiving the court and misrepresenting the facts, the Colombo Commercial High Court issued an order on June 6 suspending the operation of the Enjoining Order issued against the Russian Aeroflot flight. In response to a request made by Celestial Aviation Trading Limited in Ireland, the Colombo Commercial High Court imposed an Enjoining Order on June 2 banning the Russian Aeroflot flight from leaving territorial jurisdiction of Sri Lanka. Due to Aeroflot Russian Airlines' breach of a lease agreement between two parties, Celestial Aviation Trading Limited in Ireland secured this enjoining order against the airline.

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