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Gaming apps addiction: TRCSL to carry out survey ahead of next steps


The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Sri Lanka is scheduled to carry out a survey on gaming applications (apps) following complaints alleging those apps lead to addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts among young children.  

Responding to the recent outcry against the gaming apps by teachers and parents, Director General of the TRC Oshada Senanayake said that they are planning to carry out a survey to decide on the next steps in this regard and formulate a strategy to prevent harmful impacts to the young generation. 

He further added that TRCSL is currently monitoring the situation to see whether they need to carry out awareness programmes or to take stern steps in order to prevent children from being addicted to gaming apps.  

The move from TRCSL came in the wake of recent reports of suicides of young children, gaming addiction coupled with depression and disputes within families linked to the growing influence of gaming apps on the young generation, particularly school-going children.  

Following the global pandemic situation, school-going children were exposed to many digital apps and forced to stay online for longer hours as learning activities shifted to digital spaces.  

Parents of school students and concerned citizens have raised the issue with authorities calling for strict measures or banning of mobile game apps claiming that when students get addicted to those apps, it is difficult to change their focus on studies or even get them in their day-today activities. 

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