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Remains of a human found in Karuwalagaswewa


The Karuwalagaswewa police said that they were investigating into the human remains found in a forest area in Egodapitiya, Pahalawewa area in Karuwalagaswewa.

They suspect that the remains were of a woman, who went missing during Tuesday November, 23, 2021

They said they were tipped off yesterday that a skeleton of human was found in the forested area. The police officials who visited the area to launch an investigation were able to find the body, a pair of footwear and a knife.

The family members of the deceased had identified that the foot wear found was used by the missing woman.

The family members also had identified that that the knife found near the body also belonged to the deceased. They added that she used the knife to collect twigs and firewood from the woods.

Police said that they have submitted the findings to Puttallama Magistrate Courts. They said that a magisterial inquiry would be conducted along with a post mortem inquiry; therefore the body was handed over to the morgue at the Puttalama hospital.

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