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School boy robs neighbour to give gifts to girl friend



A seventeen year old school boy was arrested yesterday after he pawned gold jewelry stolen from neighbors’ house to buy clothing and other item for his girlfriend in the Angulana area, police said.

Police said that the suspect had pawned a gold chain, pendent, two earrings and used Rs 60 000 to buy the gift for his girl friend.

The police said that when they received the complaint of the robbery they found that the house had not been broke into, but the robber had entered by opening the door.

Suspicion turned on the 17 year old boy who acted in a suspicious manner.

Police found that the boy had been observing that their neghbour locks the door and usually keeps it in a safe location to be used by other family members who come in at different times. The boy had taken the key and made use of it.

When quarried the suspect admitted that he stole the jewellery and pawned it  with the help  of two persons who had national identity cards. They were paid Rs 600 each.

 The suspect had told Police he was never able to buy a present to his girl friend and therefore decided to rob the jewellery to find money.

The boy was  a resident of Sayurupura housing scheme and his father was a fishermen. He claimed that they depended on Samaposha for their meals as they lived in poverty.

Police said that they are to produce the suspect before Moratuwa Magistrate. 

By Rekha Tharangani Fonseka

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