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Transport heads to a halt with fuel shortages, token system yet to commence


Public and private transportation is heading to a gradual halt with the fuel distribution coming to a standstill in the past few days and no clear commitment on issuing supplies.

Bowser drivers awaiting supplies at the Muthurajawela terminal said only two bowsers had been taken in while others have been waiting for three to four days.

An ambitious plan to introduce a new token system for those waiting in fuel queues due to get underway this morning had not been implemented until noon with fuel stations saying they have not been informed of the scheme.

Some of them had lined up only to obtain tokens.

Public transport to has been affected with bus owners anticipating an increase in bus fares and have warned that they would expect an announcement of an increase by tomorrow afternoon. Most Associations are expecting that the minimum fare should be increased to Rs 40.

Three-wheel associations too were divided about the possible price increases with some of them pushing for an increase while the others saying that an increase could lead to the collapse of the industry.

The Container Transport Associations have increased the fares by 10 per cent with effect from midnight today. 

Meanwhile, Minister Susil Premajayantha and former Ambassador to Russia Dr Saman Weerasinghe are due to fly to Russia for discussions with Russian authorities on possible fuel imports.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Administration has granted permission to Provincial Councils, Ministry Secretaries and Heads of Departments to facilitate Work from Home arrangements until further notice and try and organize meetings using technology. 


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