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General: Sports Ministry bans six inactive federations


The Ministry of Sports has issued an extraordinary gazette notification to ban six inactive sports federations, that have failed to confirm its existence with activities or a permanent mail address during the recent years. 

The Minister of Sports have approved the extraordinary gazette notification, banning the six sports federations with immediate effect. 

The six sports governing bodies in question are -- Sri Lanka Powerboat Association, Sri Lanka Unifight Federation, Sri Lanka Sambo Federation, Sri Lanka Jitshu Federation, Sri Lanka Scrabble Federation and Sri Lanka Bridge Association. 

With this development, the number of affiliated sports governing bodies with the Ministry of Sports will prune down to 65 from 71.

Last year, the Ministry of Sports banned Sri Lanka Ballroom Federation under similar circumstances. 

In addition, the Ministry of Sports have appointed an interim administration to govern Sri Lanka Windsurfing Federation, which had been inactive during the past year.

A top official of Ministry of Sports, explaining the development, stated that inactive associations and federations have become an 'unnecessary' burden to the ministry when it comes to planning and allocating annual grants provided to sports bodies. 

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